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Kyocera achieves smaller size MLCC with high-voltage resistance and high capacitance

CE Staff
March 18, 2013
Written by CE Staff
Kyocera Corp. has announced that it has succeeded in developing a new multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) achieving a smaller size with high voltage resistance and high capacitance, mainly for use in industrial equipment.

The product (CM316X7S475M100V), developed by enhancing dielectric materials with Kyocera’s vast material technology, is said to be the world’s first 1206 size, 100 V-rated MLCC with a maximum operating temperature of 125â"f and a capacitance of 4.7 µF. Compared with Kyocera’s conventional 1210 size products meeting equivalent specifications, the mounting surface of this MLCC is reduced by approximately 30%, thus contributing to downsizing and greater design flexibility as well as longer service life in industrial equipment.
While MLCCs have advantages in terms of small size and extended service life compared with other types of capacitors, reducing size while maintaining high voltage resistance and high capacitance is difficult, as properties such as dielectric constants and insulation resistance degrade when applying high voltage to dielectric materials. Hence, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are often used for electronic circuits applied in power supplies of industrial equipment, which have high voltage resistant and high capacitance specifications such as a rated voltage of 100 V and a capacitance of 4.7 μF. In recent years, however, there are increasing needs for smaller industrial equipment products with longer service lives.
To respond to such needs, Kyocera has developed a 1206 size MLCC, achieving a smaller size with high voltage resistance and high capacitance. This product was developed by utilizing the company's proprietary material technology, which included improvements such as reducing the size of particles in dielectric materials by approximately 20% compared with conventional products. By introducing this newly developed MLCC to the market, Kyocera hopes to contribute to further size reduction and service life extension of industrial equipment.
In addition to low equivalent series resistance (ESR), an intrinsic characteristic of MLCC, this product features a smaller size with high voltage resistance and high capacitance. While aluminum electrolytic capacitors are currently widely used in the market as smoothing capacitors for electronic circuits, this product exhibits ripple-resistance even in frequency bands of more than several dozen kHz, which cannot be achieved by aluminum electrolytic capacitors (e.g. ESR10mΩ at 50kHz, with a load of DC40V). This allows the capacitor to limit heat generation in the power supply circuit and voltage fluctuation to low levels, thus contributing to downsizing and enhancing reliability of industrial equipment.

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